The only constant is change.

STUDIO Koen CAERELS provides all kinds of creative experiences, technical solutions and graphic design services for the arts, culture and education environment.

Koen uses an agile approach. This means that real-world-working products are developed. Koen tests often and refines with a strategic mindset rather than sticking to rigid specifications. This in collaboration with you together with other experienced partners to deliver the results you want.

Working for cultural organisations and events: Contour Mechelen ( Contour 2009, Moving Stories, Contour 2011, Contour 2013, CONTOUR 7 ), OCAM vzw, Beeld en verhaal, Vanhaerents Art Collection, Kunstendag voor Kinderen ( 2012, 2013, 2014), Belgian Pavilion. Working for artists: Wapke FEENSTRA ( Moving Landscape, Made in Zvizzchi, Tekenen in Vlassenbroek), Jos VAN DER SOMMEN, Sofie MULLER.